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Articles, live events, and trainings to keep you at the top of your game. 

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HackHer Horizons Meetup Group

A place for women in software engineering management

A Meetup group where women in software engineering management are supported in creating their best career.  Join us to build lasting connections, share experiences, and thrive as leaders in the software engineering field.

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FREE Q&A Sessions

No skill was ever learned without practice.  

Two times a week, Communication Code hosts a drop in class to learn, practice, and ask about the communication skills needed to excel your engineering career.

Reactiflux Events

Podcast: Professional Communication

I had the (very fantastic) opportunity to be hosted on the Reactiflux podcast with Carl Vitullo. We chatted about how to negotiate your salary, give difficult feedback, and create a career that fuels you.  Give it a listen and then go get 'em! 


COHORT COURSE | Coming October of 2023

Difficult Feedback: How To Give and Receive It

While surrounded by other engineers, you will learn how give and receive difficult feedback that will not hurt your professional relationships and excel your career to the level you uniquely want to achieve. 

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